10 Tips for Basement Renovations in the Greater Toronto Area

Basement renovations are a significant step that offers more living space and increases your home’s value. Whether it’s a completely unfinished basement or simply renovating an existing basement, it’s crucial to plan effectively to ensure the space transforms into what you want it to be. Here are our top 10 tips for ensuring just that.

Know Your Needs
Before you even start meeting with contractors to get a quote, there are so many things to consider. One of the best advice I can give you is to know what you want before you call for estimates. Finishing your basement is a big project. There can be a massive difference in price between simple framing and drywalling the exterior walls and creating rooms, including a 3 or 4 piece bathroom.

Basement Development Contractor

You also want to ensure that each contractor provides you with a price for the same thing. We had a client from Brampton, ON, who asked us to quote on a legal basement construction. It was their daughter’s wedding in a couple of months, so we had to plan everything according to that. We broke down all the costs in the invoice. We got the approval and started working on the material order. We could only finish the project on time because they knew exactly what they wanted.

Understand the Quote

One essential thing to do is to understand what makes the quotation as much as it is. If you need help understanding any part of it, ask the contractor. We had a client freak out when they saw the quote. She said another contractor sent a quote without visiting her over an email. Our quotation was after measurements and knowing precisely what she wanted. I detailed everything in front of her, and she realized the other quote was missing some essential features she wanted in the basement.

The best option is to visualize what you want the space to be for all the different scenarios in the future that your family might go through. For example, when your guests come over, your family gets bigger, how would you want to utilize the space, and what rooms would you need?

  • Do a moisture test of the basement. Call an expert for advice because this could lead to many issues in the basement like cracks in the walls etc. You want to make sure your baseline is set properly before you start the project.
  • If it’s an older house, contact an architect to visit the space to check that the footings and structural support is solid for the project. It would <$500 well spent.
  • Ensure you have enough storage space. Leave a small space of the basement as a storage area unfinished to cut cost and utilize it the right way.
  • Lights are essential part of a healthy living space. We recommend having LED lights throughout the area. The brighter it is (cost-effective way), the better it is.
  • You might want to keep some plumbing done for kitchen/bar in one area. This can be helpful for future needs if there is no immediate need for it.
  • Ensure to soundproof your ceiling. It might be optional; however, we highly suggest this to our basement renovation clients. This keeps all levels from disturbing each other.
  • Ensure you current electrical panel has enough space for more breakers. These breakers would be needed to control the basement lighting and electronics. If you don’t already have the space, you would need that so let your contractor know to add that in the quote as well.
  • Consider your flooring options. We recommend vinyl plank flooring; however you can go with regular wood, carpet etc.
  • Look for exactly what type of basement do you need? If you need open concept, one/two bedroom basement, with or without a movie room etc. To see a list of all basements, click here (to visit basement renovations service in and around the Greater Toronto Area).

If you like this list, we are confident you would love our One on One FREE consultation for your basement renovation project in Brampton, Mississauga, Vaughan, North York, Toronto and surroundings (The Greater Toronto Area).

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