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Baasil ButtarBaasil Buttar
23:25 19 Apr 24
We hired Smb Builders for a major renovation and remodelling project, Smb builders assisted us from preparing drawings acquiring building permits. The project required both interior and exterior work including siding, driveway, entrance, deck, insulation, interior modifications, new plumbing and electrical, HVAC, drywall, and finishing. We found smb builders very knowledgeable, professional, and experienced throughout the different stages of the project. It took about 2 months for the planning phase and to get the building permits, and about 5 months for the actual renovation and remodelling of our home. The project manager was always prompt in responding to any queries we had and was always cooperative throughout the project. They showed a very strong skill set to manage our budget but still deliver us an amazing final result. They handled various challenges, and dealt with city inspections and outside entities in a professional manner. Our overall experience with Smb builders was excellent. they assisted us bringing our vision we had for our home to life and we would highly recommend them to anyone interested in remodelling or renovating their home!
Amir RanaAmir Rana
23:15 23 Feb 24
Let me share a bit about our recent project. We were eager to expand our living space and decided to embark on a significant 3 rooms 2 bathrooms basement renovation spanning about 1800 square feet for personal use. It was during this search for reliable builders that one of our friends recommended SMB Builders to us.Our experience with SMB Builders was nothing short of fantastic. From the moment we engaged with them, they showed a proactive approach that impressed us. Their meticulous project planning ensured that every step was carefully thought out, making the entire process smooth and efficient. What really stood out was their exceptional communication – our project manager was always prompt in addressing our queries and guiding us through the next steps.During the course of the project, from choosing color selections to the finishing stages, SMB Builders demonstrated remarkable flexibility, accommodating our evolving needs and preferences with ease.Without a doubt! Our experience with SMB Builders has been exceptional, and we have full confidence in recommending them to our family, friends, and anyone looking for a top-notch general contractor. Their dedication to customer satisfaction, coupled with their expertise and professionalism, makes them the go-to choice for any renovation project. Don't hesitate to reach out to them – you won't be disappointed!
meenu choprameenu chopra
16:46 13 Dec 23
We decided to renovate our basement and went with SMB Builders based on a great referral. The process was surprisingly smooth, thanks to their excellent communication and prompt responses to our questions. Despite a few drawing issues, SMB Builders handled it like pros, staying in touch with city inspectors and resolving everything professionally. If you're looking for a stress-free renovation experience, we highly recommend SMB Builders – they made it easy for us! Stay tuned for more on our awesome experience with them.
Anthony ChaseendranAnthony Chaseendran
03:50 16 Aug 23
I had the pleasure of working with SMB Builders on my recent basement legalization project, and I cannot express how impressed I am with their services.Living over an hour away in a different city, it was paramount for me to find a team I could trust with my project. Working alongside the SMB Builders team was a breeze. Throughout the process, they maintained open lines of communication, keeping me updated on progress and informing me about any potential concerns.The project was completed within both the designated timeframe and budget, and I want to emphasize that there were absolutely no hidden costs involved. Unlike my experiences with other contractors in the past who often requested additional funds, SMB Builders stood by their word and upheld their commitment.Their meticulous attention to detail was evident in every aspect of the renovation. Not only did they ensure adherence to the regulations of the City of Vaughan and the Ontario Building Code, but they also took it a step further by rectifying issues that fell beyond their original scope of work.Thanks to the efforts of SMB Builders, my basement is now officially legalized, adding to the overall value of my home. For anyone in search of a dependable and skilled team for their basement renovation needs, I wholeheartedly endorse SMB Builders. Their dedication to quality work and client satisfaction is truly remarkable, and I undoubtedly plan on enlisting their services again in the future.
Kam AKam A
17:31 20 Jul 23
SMB Builders was a blessing when we needed additional space. It was a technical and challenging task for contractors because either they weren’t willing to take this job or their quotations was too high. Overcoming challenges with their professionalism and attention to detail, SMB Builders team’s expertise and constant communication kept us informed throughout the process. They handled inspection process seamlessly. We Highly recommend them for reliable, high-quality construction services. Don't hesitate to reach out for a free consultation!
cyber Landcyber Land
16:45 16 Jun 23
Exceptional Basement and Main House Transformation by Skilled BuildersI am delighted to provide a glowing review of the outstanding work done by the builders on my basement and main house projects. Their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and commitment to delivering exceptional results have truly transformed my property. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking high-quality construction and remodeling work.Basement Project Review:The builders turned my underutilized basement into a stunning living space that far exceeded my expectations. From the initial planning stages to the final touches, their expertise was evident every step of the way. They skillfully maximized the available space, creating functional and aesthetically pleasing rooms.The attention to detail in the basement renovation was remarkable. The builders meticulously installed premium flooring, expertly crafted custom cabinetry, and seamlessly integrated lighting fixtures that transformed the area into a warm and inviting space. Their selection of high-quality materials and finishes enhanced both the visual appeal and durability of the basement, ensuring a lasting investment.In addition to the superb craftsmanship, the builders demonstrated exceptional project management skills. They maintained open and transparent communication throughout the process, keeping me informed of the progress and promptly addressing any concerns or questions that arose. Their professionalism and reliability were truly commendable.Main House Project Review:The builders' expertise extended beyond the basement project to include renovations in the main house, where they exhibited the same level of excellence and dedication. Their ability to seamlessly blend the existing architectural features with modern design elements was truly impressive.The main house renovations encompassed a range of improvements, from kitchen and bathroom upgrades to expanding living areas. The builders skillfully executed every aspect of the project, from structural modifications to installing state-of-the-art appliances and fixtures. The result was a harmonious and functional space that perfectly suited my lifestyle.Notably, the builders displayed an exceptional eye for detail in the main house project. Their commitment to precision was evident in every aspect of their work, whether it was aligning tiles flawlessly or ensuring impeccable paintwork. The end result was a visually stunning and cohesive transformation that enhanced the overall appeal and value of my home.Conclusion:I cannot express enough my satisfaction with the builders' remarkable work on both the basement and main house projects. Their exceptional craftsmanship, attention to detail, and professionalism have created spaces that I am proud to call my own. I wholeheartedly recommend their services to anyone seeking skilled builders who can transform their property into a highly sellable and desirable space. The builders' expertise, combined with their commitment to customer satisfaction, make them an invaluable choice for any construction or remodeling project.
Sehrish AftabSehrish Aftab
02:44 16 Jun 23
We hired SMB Builders for our main floor washrooms remodel & renovations work. Frommaterial selection to layout, we had a great discussion and support to finalize our choices.They always responded on time for any questions we had and showed their presence every time. The project was finished on time. I am glad we made right decision to hire them. I would highly recommend SMB Builders for major renovations & residential construction needs.

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